Build Leaders, Not Followers.

Say hello to the future of thought leader development for the healthcare & life sciences industries. Purpose-built for medical organizations that want stronger scientific engagement, collaboration and advocacy with their external experts, our Orbital community platform is the always-on, configurable, compliant answer you’ve been waiting for.

Pull your people together

Pull your people together

Our cloud-based community platform helps you to advance scientific engagement and education with external stakeholders such as key opinion leaders, investigators and research scientists, disease-state experts and MCO/ACOs.

Access is private and member-based, according to criteria that you set and control.

Provides a powerful, ongoing alternative that complements transient strategies like advisory boards, annual meetings and group teleconferences – a networked environment in which scientific content, research and interactions become interwoven components of a single, communal activity.

Create the conversation

Create the conversation

One part publishing platform, one part professional network, and zero parts advertising network, scientific content is always the main event.

Real-time system notifications automatically alert your network to new articles, presentations, peer reviewed materials and more whenever you publish something new.

Your members can customize their content preferences and news feeds, to stay completely up to date on exactly the topics they want to follow. And all member interactions are handled in a 100% FDA-compliant manner.

Measure your success

Measure your success

Our powerful analytics engine captures and reports everything that happens in your private network, at both the aggregate and individual user level.

The insights you’ll gain from your private network will help you better understand what they’re thinking, what drives them and what they want to know from you. Think of it as ongoing market research, but in real time and without the traditional expense.

Want to know what happened today? Just power up your dashboard.

Orbital is a powerful new way to develop relationships & collaboration with your most important audiences.


Highly configurable, cloud-based community platform built specifically for the life sciences industry.


Brings healthcare organizations together with key outside constituents in a peer-based, education-centered format.


Networked environment in which scientific content, research and interactions become interwoven components of a single communal activity.


Enables continuous publishing of scientific content, with real time system notifications alerting members to new articles, presentations and more.


Access is private, with membership offered only by invitation, member nomination or direct application.


Members are invited to interact and collaborate with one another around scientific content.


Policy-based moderation processes govern all member commentary, interaction and collaboration to ensure full legal, regulatory and safety compliance, consistent with the latest FDA Guidance.


Powerful analytics dashboards deliver meaningful business insights and actionable backend intelligence; all network activity is reported at both the aggregate and individual member level.


Available 24/7/365 for on-demand access by members on any computer or mobile device.


Cloud / SaaS delivery model entails zero IT organization support.


Minimal startup cost, highly predictable (pay as you scale) monthly pricing.


Over 3 years of proven field success, with a track record of excellence supporting strategic medical affairs and education organizations.

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